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Deborah Frances-White and Athena Kugblenu talk to hostage negotiator Suzanne Williams in this special episode of The Guilty Feminist.


Deborah Frances-White and Athena Kugblenu talk to hostage negotiator Suzanne Williams. 

At our Include Yourself event for professional women in May, we recorded a special episode of The Guilty Feminist, which will not be available through the regular feed, but which you can purchase here.

The theme is Negotiations – personal, professional and life-or-death. Deborah’s co-host is the hugely talented Athena Kugblenu, 2015 New Comedian of the Year finalist and Global Pillage regular. Their special guest is Suzanne Williams, first female head of Scotland Yard’s Hostage Negotiation Unit.

The conversation ranges from the power of flattery, how to get free air conditioning in your car, Deborah’s best-ever negotiation and Athena’s personal hero – who is seven years old.

Toward the end of the podcast, Suzanne talks Deborah through a role-play negotiation to get a pay rise from Athena, with hilarious and eye-opening results. And the questions from the audience include queries about corporate structures, Brexit, and the prospect of nurses going on strike.

It’s an amazing hour full of all the wit, wisdom and good humour you’ve come to expect from The Guilty Feminist, and it’s exclusively available here.

Buy during October and all proceeds will go to The Dahlia Project, providing support to people who have undergone FGM.

Listen to an extract: 

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