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Inspired by the conversations in our Wellness episode, The Guilty Feminist is grateful to be working with panel guests Jonelle Lewis, Mia Togo and Dr Stacie CC Graham to bring you a series of online wellness classes.

Jonelle said, “We deserve to be well wherever we are,” and we couldn’t agree more! These classes will be inclusive spaces for our listeners to practice yoga and mindfulness and be part of a wellness community.

The Guilty Feminist Be Well classes are offered on a sliding pay scale in an effort to make them more financially accessible, while still ensuring teachers are paid appropriately for their time. Please take a moment to check out the different rates before booking. We look forward to welcoming you in class!

Check back here for more classes in the New Year…

About our teachers

Jonelle Lewis
Jonelle Lewis

Be brave, be fierce, be free is Jonelle’s personal mantra and an invitation she extends to everyone who practices with her. She’s passionate about movement and spiritual students which makes her an eternal student.

Her classes are set to an urban sound track which is reflective of her roots and her passion for music, creativity and fluidity in life. From growing up in Philadelphia, living in London, NYC, LA and travelling the world extensively she brings an international vibration and an authenticity into classes which are edgy and filled with a lot of laughter.

Mia Togo
Mia Togo

Now residing in London and teaching at triyoga. Mia is also a YogaWorks senior teacher, teacher trainer, 300-hour mentor and leads yoga retreats and workshops around the world.

Mia creates a space for her students to explore their truth – a place where they can remember that their worth does not need to be earned, bought, or outsourced, because true love comes from within. In a world where we are taught to push away discomfort and attach to pleasure, she encourages students to honor what is coming up, rather than override it.

Life is full of challenges and every season we move through is a gift to honor, to move through mindfully, and live from a space of truth and love.

Dr Stacie CC Graham
Dr Stacie CC Graham

Previously a management consultant at an internationally renowned consultancy, Dr Stacie CC Graham is an independent management consultant, mindfulness of diversity, equity and inclusion / anti-racism consultant and executive coach based in London, UK. She has extensive work experience in the US, the UK, and Germany.

With an MS in economics and a doctorate in motivational psychology, she is able to bring together economic and business sense with a deep knowledge of what drives people’s behaviour. Further, she’s the founder of a holistic wellness brand for underserved communities, OYA: Body-Mind-Spirit Retreats.

Mansi Puri
Mansi Puri
Mansi Puri is from India, the home of yoga. She teaches Ashtanga yoga, and believes a yoga practice is a beautiful journey towards knowing your Self. Mansi loves taking people inward during her classes, helping them combat stress and find joy from within. Mansi is also Deborah’s yoga teacher!

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