Include Yourself – Include Others

The price for attending the Leadership Event will be £195 including VAT which also includes tea, coffee and a sandwich lunch.

We think that’s pretty good value, but we’re well aware that for some women – women who could certainly benefit from attending the event – it’s totally out of the question.

Because of this we are inviting women who would like to attend but who simply can’t afford it, to apply for £10 tickets.

The Guilty Feminist will make ten £10 tickets available, but we would also like to ask other attendees, if they would like, to pay a bit extra when they book their ticket, in order to create a fund from which we can supply even more subsidised tickets. You can pay as little as £10 extra, or buy a whole new ticket for another feminist.

If you would like to apply for one of these subsidised tickets, please get in touch with us using this form.

I would like to apply for a £10 ticket