Silver Linings

A Guilty Feminist initiative with Choose.Love.

There are no silver linings to a pandemic. It’s been a tough and tragic year for everyone.

But for some more fortunate people the lockdown at least has provided a silver lining.

Maybe you’ve used the lockdown to learn a new skill, develop your cooking, spend more time with your children, get a pet, grow your garden or just catch up on sleep.

If you have been able to find a silver lining, we want you to share it. And we want you to help people for whom a global pandemic managed to make a terrible situation even worse. All over the world, millions of displaced people are living in refugee camps. For them, there is no silver lining.

So, if you have managed to find a silver lining here’s what we want you to do.

  • Shoot it

    Grab your camera or your phone and film yourself playing with your new puppy, playing the flute, baking banana bread or whatever represents your silver lining. Tell us why you did it, what you got out of it, what surprised you about it, whether you’ll continue your new habit or whatever you’re inspired to show or tell.

  • Share it

    On social media with the hashtag #silverlinings and tag The Guilty Feminist and Choose.Love. We want to fill up our timelines with gratitude.

  • Pass it on

    If you can afford it, share your silver lining with someone who didn’t get one by buying something from the Choose.Love store to help a refugee get through the winter -like firewood, food, tents or even access to legal services or LGBTQ care or Women’s services. Use the checkout code SILVERLININGS.

    If you don’t have any spare cash, even sharing your video will encourage others to buy something if you explain why it’s important.

We’ll include a selection of our favourite videos here. Keep checking back for more.

Share your silver linings and Choose Love today.

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