Big Speeches

Big Speeches uses the tools of actor training and the performer/audience relationship to increase your confidence, up your presentation game and access the charisma you possess to take your space in any room.

Actors often find themselves in interview scenarios more than any other profession. How to engage one-on-one is just as vital to their career as the ability to hold the attention of hundreds onstage. But the skill-set remains the same; active listening, a body that is comfortable in its space and surroundings, a commanding supple voice as well as clarity in thought and diction.

I’m thrilled to announce we are bringing Big Speeches to you! From the comfort of your home you can take our course that will boost your confidence and help you take your space in any room. As always we work with the breath, the body and the voice but we are also asking new questions…  How can we be charismatic online? How do we build or restore confidence after these unprecedented times? How do we engage with people in space again without fear?

Any materials and information you need will be emailed before each session. Each session will be taught on Zoom by me, Jessica Regan and, where possible, supported by fellow RADA alumni actor and facilitator extraordinaire Syrus Lowe. The workshop runs for 3½ hours.

Whether you are someone who fills with fear at the idea of speaking in front of people or you are totally comfortable and just looking to improve or indeed if you have done Big Speeches and you would like to refresh or top up your skills this is the surprising, challenging and ultimately joy-filled course for you.

It’s your time. Take the stage.

“Had a fantastic day… If you’re a (feminist) woman or non-binary person who wants to work on being able to occupy space, to use your voice and make yourself hear, this is a fantastic chance to do so.” – Reubs Walsh

“Totally inspiring day learning about ‘Big Speeches’ from the brilliant Jessica Regan. Challenging but warm and encouraging, what else would you expect from the supportive Guilty Feminist community? Book on the next one!” – Pauline Stobbs

“If you’re thinking about doing a Big Speeches workshop, Stop thinking. Book. Just did it. Feel stronger, louder, prouder. Who wouldn’t want that.” – Amy Beashel

“I saw magic happen today. If you want to build confidence in public speaking sign up for the Big Speeches workshop… (it) will make your vulnerability feel like an essential tool” – Lauren Meckel

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If you can’t afford £50 but would like to come, then you can apply below for one of our subsidised £10 places. Please note: priority for subsidised places is given to students and the unwaged, but we accommodate where we can. When requesting a subsidised place please specify the date.

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For corporate enquiries and individual coaching please contact Jessica on

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